Fees of Services

 Civil Process


Drop-offs (at Courthouses)
(defaults, Docketing, Notices of appearance, Motions, etc)
Subpoenas                                        $35.00*

Summons                                           $40.00*

* Per Defendant served
*** Evictions received prior to 12:00 (noon) Served within 12 hours of issuance.
Other Counties Vary**
****   Must be accompanied by other service, for no Fee.

* Per Defendant served.

Subpoenas                                        $65.00

Summons                                          $75.00
      North Florida & Peninsula Areas
     Other South Florida Areas

Subpoenas                                        $50.00*

Summons                                           $50.00*

Civil Process
We Offer 4 Types of

Regular -Svc Fee

Rush  --
2x the Svc Fee

Priority -
3x the Svc Fee


Swat  -
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