The following will tell you what you will need to File your Eviction.  First you must
initiate a, 3 Day Notice (For failure to Pay Rent), or a 15 Day Notice of
Termination of Lease/Renewal.  There other types of notices as well, these are
the most used.  After the notice has expired (The day after the expiration date),
you can start the 5 Day Eviction.  This step takes approx. 6 days depending who
you choose to serve the process, you have the Sheriff’s Office, and Private
Process Servers ( Listed on the Sheriff’s Website under Civil Service Tab) .
Remember to type or write neatly so the Courts, and the Defendant can read the
forms. NOTE: If writing forms out please use Blue Ink

Forms Needed as Follows

1ST STAGE (place these forms in this order)

Residential Summons  (3 copies)
Foreign Language  Sheet ( Spanish, French ) (3 copies)  
Complaint                    (3 copies)
3 Day or 15 Day Notice  (3 Copies)
Lease (Optional)
2 Stamped Envelopes, Addressed- ( 1 to yourself, 1 to the Defendant)

NOTE: (a)Above is for one (1) Defendant, If you have more then 1 defendant you
will need 2 more copies of the Summons and foreign language sheet and 1
more copy of the Complaint and Exhibits per Defendant, be sure to name all
Defendants in the style of the case (Names on the Lease).
(b) You must have one Complaint Notarized at least all others can be duplicate
(c) A check made payable to the Clerk of Courts for $80.00. , if your sending the
service to the Sheriff a separate check for the Sheriff for $20.00 per defendant, if
your hiring a process server, contact them for pricing, they vary.


Default Judgment For Eviction   (3 copies)
Writ of Possession (3 copies) (Must have contact information)
Motion for Default   (Original Signed) ((Blue Ink))
Motion for Default Judgment For Eviction (Original Signed) ((Blue Ink))
2 Stamped Envelopes, Addressed- ( 1 to yourself, 1 to the Defendant)

NOTE: (a) Check payable to the Sheriff for $70.00. (c) If you choose to speed the
process up with the 2nd step you can leave the check for the sheriff out of the
packet and the courthouse will call you to pick up the writ when it is ready, the
you can hand deliver it to the Sheriff.
Steps For an Eviction

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